I am a dying sister #2

Pictures, pictures, PICTURES!!!!

I never realized your face is everywhere.

On my desk,

The magnets on the fridge,

The bedroom wall.

Your face is everywhere;

Shimmering in my dreams

Jumping on my mirror

Hovering on the treetops on my way home

And in the streets….

In the street all the heads are suddenly have your haircut.

The shoes, the jeans, the coats -are all yours.

And wooom woooom wooom….. The motorcycles are looking for me, chasing me.

Where are you???? Where???

I want to knock on every back, make them turned around and check their faces!

Maybe one of them is –you, maybe one of them looks like- you… you, you, you!!!!

Is that all??? Pictures and memories???

“Now for the rest of your life you will try to remember every moment of 18 years…”

I look at your pretty face and I want to scream my soul out,

I stare at your beautiful smile and I want to shout my heart out:

It is so close, so close, but so far!!!! So peaceful, so normal, but so crazy!!!!!

To dye is one moment. To live with death is endless.

And I am dying every moment.

I am a dying Sister.


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