I am a dying sister #9

I remember you.

Gold neckless on a tanned skin

A tall standing, wide shoulders.

I remember your calling

Hey, sis, look, it’s bigger now!

Inflating your muscle, make me laugh at you,

each and every time you saw me.

I remember your chuckle smile, when I tried to win

On an arm twisting game

But you gave me your hand. taught me how to fight right.

and then you enjoyed to hear me begging you to stop.

I remember your dance,

You always knew to make your moves cool.

I remember you standing on your toes, Nike shoes-

Almost lying on the ground.

I remember your sweat smell,

When you came back from work

Ho, my goodness, I couldn’t stand it

But I knew it will hurt you if I will go away or make a face

So I suffered it quietly,

I remember me, taking your shoes out, to the balcony

You never remembered to do it.

I remember you buy it, brown and black and white and all the colors within-

The king of shoes, of dance, of the street.

I remember your promise

To visit one time in your life in a museum,

It can’t be – you have to do it- I said

And we set a date. We should have fun.

It seems the thirty second of the month I will see you again.


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