I am a dying sister #14

I found my mom hung in her bathroom. Grey pajamas and bare foot, moving. “Mom!!!” I scream the greatest scream of all. “Mom!!!” I run from the room to another, all empty.

One bed is moving too. My brother is sleeping.

“Mom!!!” I shake her wildly, but she is not listening. So busy of being sleep.

“It’s my birthday today”, my sister is touching my arm. “Please wake up and take me out”.

Weakness is scrolling in my body and sticking to my knees. Someone tied my tommy to a huge rock and drown me in the dead see. Floating I am, breathing, but too heavy from moving myself.

Tasteless cornflakes. my mom is drinking coffee. “I had a dream about you”, I play with the spoon. “I saw you dead in your bathroom”.

“Take some help” she doesn’t look at me. “Take some help before it will be too late”. and she walks away. Now I know that silence is going to be between us for a long time. She hates when I say such things. I should of kept that dream to myself.

“I love you, mom”. I want to say.

but I don’t. 


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