I am a dying sister #20

Two wheat grains

To chew them, to chew and to swallow

I run barefoot into the wall, the bridge beneath is made of iron

Into the tunnel I run barefoot, to seat and to roll down

The day is not over yet

To get a taxi, to get a taxi before the sunset

To wake up from the hallucinations and to move, move the pillow

I see my figure from outside

And another one, she is me too, with short dress and curly hair

Hug, hug your arms and don’t let go

Don’t ask me to join you, don’t ask

Grandma, I don’t have clothes, I don’t have a suitcase

Again I wake up and the clock is changed

Hallucinations, hallucinations and a red cheek

To look away, to change sides,

To chew, to chew and to swallow.


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